Invest on sharing economy, the spirit of collaboration and sustainability.

spotization background

Our Vision

Resources are not inexhaustible; many blocked assets can be made available to the community. This promotes ecology and local solutions.

A new model for community building

We want to create the conditions necessary for the development of the sharing economy, community spirit and collaboration through mobility projects.

A new model of community enhancement.

Who we are?

From Spotiz to Spotization

Cooperativism and the impact model

In 2020, Spotiz created a collaborative P2P mobile application (People2People) to enable last mile mobility.

Over the past year, our day-to-day experience of collaborative models, the sharing economy and impact has forged our expertise. We think that collaborative economy can revolutionize economy through collaborative models, People2People connections and decentralized governance. 

Cooperativism and impact models

Cooperation & Multilateralism

helping to overcome crises - United Nations on climate change.

The collaborative economy market

is estimated at $335 billion by 2025 - PwC


What is Spotization?

We’ve learned a lot about collaborative models, the sharing economy and impact. With the feedback from our community, we are able to expand our community models with Spotization.

Among other things, we want to better reward the best contributors to carbon footprint gains in mobility, and practice participative investment and shared governance.

We want to introduce a new economic model for participation and investment based on Web3 and Blockchain technologies.

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Spotization membership

The Spotiz community is made up of people who want to drive change, invest in impact projects, and get a return on their investment.

The first step is to set up a Spotization membership card, materialized by an NFT (token) to:

  • obtain discounts on our services and those of our partners,
  • invest in return real estate projects,
  • and participate in governance.

Roadmap & GoToMarket

Roadmap & GoToMarket



Spotiz Team


Our App

specifications and app development


App launch

Switzerland and France


Geographic growth


Next Steps





Tokenization & DAO

Reward community & real estate investment

Private Sale

Invest and participate in impact mobility and the cooperative economy!

To unite a community around Spotization, we have decided to set up a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Members of this DAO will be able to actively participate in Spotization, a cooperative economy, by investing and/or participating in projects impacting mobility.

A new model for community investment and governance

A Financial Reserve is created through the purchase of membership cards by each member. It will be used to help build the project and finance marketing. In a 2nd phase, the public sale of the ICO will generate investments to build the DAO and invest in the first parking lots and properties. 

Ces participations sont matérialisées par un NFT sur la blockchain Ethereum.

Chaque membre peut détenir plusieurs NFT en fonction du montant de l’investissement souhaité. Nous annoncerons cette vente privée sur le deuxième semestre 2023. 

Nombre de NFT

Prix unitaire

Vente Privée


250 CHF

Vente Publique


390 CHF







Private Sale Allocation

Prix unitaire

community Treasury DAO

105’000 CHF

Technical Development & Audit

95’000 CHF

Spotiz operating costs

100’000 CHF

How can I take part?

The private sale will be available on Ethereum. Make sure your walletMetamaskis installed and supplied with ETH. You can buy ETH on any crypto-currency exchange.

Our team

Chris Rencien

Chris Rencien

CEO & Co-founder Entrepreneur & NBA Fan

Parbat Pithiya

Parbat Pithiya

Product & Co-founder Technologies

Pierre Yves Cots

Pierre Yves Cots

Pierre Yves Cots CPA & Spotiz Administrateur

jonathan Combary

Jonathan Combary

Data Analyst & Blockchain

Jérémy Giraud

Jérémy Giraud

Strategie & Marketing
Specialist Web3

Making sense

To the sharing economy, the spirit of collaboration and ecology

Private Sale will be live by the end of 2023

Last-mile mobility community launching